Recurring donations - ensure greater security for vulnerable refugees

In addition to one-time donations, it is possible to set up recurring donations and sponsor the Athena Centre for Women on a routine basis. This helps to ensure the financial security and long-term presence of the Centre so that women and girls continue to get the support they need. Please see the table below for an example of how a recurring donation will benefit the women who visit the Athena Centre:

Item Monthly Cost Consider donating a small amount each month to help us meet the needs of the women at the Centre
Electricity €200 €20€ If 10 people donate 20 € per month, this covers the electricity for the Women’s Centre.
Water €100 €25 If 4 people donate 25 € per month, this ensures clean running water at the Centre.
Cleaning and Personal Hygiene Supplies €300 €50 Covered if 6 people donate 50 € a month.
Tea and snacks €200 €40 Everyone loves the snacks to go with the tea. If 5 people donate 40 € per month, we can continue to provide tea and snacks at the Centre.
Office Supplies €50 €5 Donating 5 € per month covers the office supply’ costs needed for the classes.
Toiletries €200 €25 By having 8 people donating 25 € per month, we would be able to cover the toiletries’ expense.

Recurring donations are possible through any of our current donation methods. Your generous donations have empowered both the students and the teachers themselves so far. They have provided hope and a semblance of a structure for these women in an otherwise uncertain situation.

Thank you for your continued support.