Social activities: Coming together in Switzerland

From cultural differences to language barriers, starting over in a new country is no easy task. We know.

Refugees seeking asylum face additional challenges as their arrival is not voluntary. People are forced to flee life-threatening conditions in their home country and had to abandon family, friends, homes, careers, and possessions – essentially their entire lives, they’ve lovingly and painstakingly built.

Action from Switzerland has several programs in Canton Zurich to welcome refugees into Swiss society with the objective of easing this difficult process. Our efforts are aimed at being collaborative and supportive learning experiences for refugees and volunteers alike, rather than one-sided integration activities.

Do you live in Zurich or close by? You are welcome to join us! Visit our Volunteer page to learn more about our Switzerland work and how to get involved. Don’t hesitate to suggest a new idea either – we are always seeking ways to expand our support locally but need volunteers to initiate and lead projects.

Teen Activities at Lilienberg Centre

The MNA-Zentrum Lilienberg is home to approximately 90 unaccompanied refugee minors who are seeking asylum in Switzerland. AfS has supported these children with gift cards during the holiday season the past two years and started a program in 2017 to provide activities to keep these teenagers engaged and practicing German over school holidays. We hope to expand this program to include German tutoring and technology classes soon.

German Conversation Group

Our newest program brings German speakers (at least B1) together with refugees who are keen to learn the language and also looking to share their native tongue. We host a new group once a month at a coffee shop, bar, or restaurant and hope that everyone makes a new friend or two to continue their language learning and cultural exchange. Register here and we will contact you when we have a new group organised.

Zürich Women’s Running Meetup

It all started as an idea during the last Zürich Marathon- why not have a running group just for women? We meet every Wednesday at 18.30 for a running training session that includes stretching and strength exercises. Please check out our Meetup group and join us! All levels are welcome.

Social Dinners

We have partnered with Solinetz to periodically plan social dinners with refugees. Everyone is welcome to bring a dish to these events and share a meal together.