Why did AfS decide to open the Athena Centre for Women on Chios?
What is the objective of the centre?
What types of facilities does it have?
What are the Centre’s opening hours?
Who can access the Centre?
Who has visited the Centre?
How much does it cost to run the Centre?
Who runs the Centre?
I would like to visit the Centre when I am on Chios. How do I do that?
I am a member of the Press. I would like to highlight the difficulties of the crisis. What is the Athena Centre’s media/photography policy?
But I would really like to speak to the women to get their stories.
I would like to drop off donations when I am on Chios. What do you need and how should I contact you?
What kind of volunteers do you need?
I cannot come onsite. But I would love to help.
How can I volunteer?
How can I get updates about the Centre?