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Fighting together for a better tomorrow alongside women currently displaced by violence, conflict and persecution.

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The mass migration of refugees from Syria and many other war-torn countries in the region is the worst Europe has seen in decades.

If you have watched with concern as thousands of refugees flee their homes destroyed by war, with families torn apart and loved ones lost. If you are looking for a way to help these refugees as they make their way to a safer life, trudging mainly on foot and over a period of many months through various points across Europe, or stuck in unsafe camps …

This site and organisation is for you.


We appreciate all forms of donations: time, money or goods.
Action from Switzerland is a non-profit organisation.
All donations go directly to refugees.


Have an idea for a fundraising event?
Be it a bake sale, a run, a donation stand outside a grocery store.
We will help spread the word.


Tell your friends, neighbours and families about the refugee situation in Europe and what that means for women, girls and vulnerable people. Mention our work. Share our site. Follow us on Social Media. Help us fight for change.


We need people who can drive, speak relevant languages, who possess first aid or medical skills, and are willing to travel with us to destinations where on-site help is needed.


As an association solely reliant on private donations, Action from Switzerland is truly grateful for aid from corporations. We welcome both long-term and one-off donations.

Resist Apathy

The political, economic, and scientific causes of the greatest humanitarian crisis since WWII are complex, making it easy to feel overwhelmed and helpless. Resist apathy – educate yourself and others. Start here.